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Tarrhen is a County in the game Chronicles of Elyria

Chronicles of Elyria is a new Genre of game dubbed a MEOW (Multiplayer Evolving Online World) Currently in development, though there is a thriving community both on the CoE forums and on various kingdom, Duchy and county level Discords.


County Focus

Tarrhen is a County placed on the coast of the Duchy of Sanctaphandri in the Kingdom of Ashland.

The County includes a 49% Neran and 40% Hrothi mix so we expect plenty of both above and below ground shenanigans.

Tarrhens main aim is to provide a prosperous and functioning economy backbone not only for the local trade area but for the duchy and the Kingdom as a whole.

Trade will take place utilising our ports and roads for transport and guarded warehouses for storage. 

Whilst we expect trade to come from both foreign and domestic markets, we will also be focusing on industry within the county putting to good use our wealth of natural resources coupled with the dexterity of the hands and minds of our citizens.

Server: Angelica NA-West

Kingdom: The Kingdom of Ashland

Duchy: Sanctaphandri

County: Tarrhen

County seat: Porthen

Count name: Count Photus Tiberias.



Tarrhen Relies on and Upholds the laws and rights of the Citizenry as laid out by our Duchy Sanctaphandri.

Rights of the citizenry

Serving as the foundation of protections of citizens of the Duchy from the excesses of the Government and the Duke, all citizens of the Duchy from the meanest beggar through to the Duke are protected by these rights.

  • Right to Life: Citizens have the right to not be killed or gravely injured by another Mann except for reasons of the administration of justice and in accordance with the forms established by law.

  • Right to Fair Trial: In matters of the administration of justice, citizens shall be afforded the right to a public hearing by a competent and impartial tribunal and to legal counsel on the laws of the duchy and kingdom.

  • Right to Estate: Citizens have the right to own property alone and in association with their peers. No citizen shall be arbitrarily deprived of their property except for reasons of explicit public interest and in accordance with the forms established by law.

  • Right to Wayfare: Citizens have the liberty to travel and reside in any part of the duchy insofar as this respects the rights of other citizens and to leave the duchy and to return to it at any time.

  • Right to Expression: In matters of public discourse, citizens possess the freedom to articulate their opinions and ideas without fear of government retaliation or censorship insofar as their actions respect the rights of other citizens and subject only to limitations on libel, slander, extreme obscenity, and the incitement of crime.


In order to kickstart the economic development of the County, PC citizens can expect

  • Generous tax breaks

  • Access to Resources and infrastructure to expedite skill gain

  • Access to land and infrastructure for farming/industry under a lease agreement for those who cant afford to buy their own land

  • Safe trade routes ensured by the county military

  • The ability to loan from the county for worthwhile business ventures

  • Safe storage for your trade goods while you conduct business within the County

  • Publicly funded education and scholarship programs for promising individuals


Currently Surveyed Resources

  • Wood

  • Stone

  • Fresh Water

  • Game

  • Forage (Most Abundant)

  • Fish

  • Farmland (Second Most Abundant)

  • High Ground

  • Coastal Water

  • Clay

  • Mineral Deposits

  • Trade Route


Top Professions

  • Farmer

  • Grocer

  • Brewer

  • Livestock keeper

  • Carver

Notable Professions

  • Spy

  • Officer

  • Builder

  • Interpreter

  • Dungeoneer

An economy is made up of people, only with hardworking and prosperous citizens can we make Tarrhen a prosperous County.


County Council

The Council will be made up of Mayors, Land owners and other skilled People Of Note hand picked by the Count.
There is no minimum or maximum term for any Council Office.
Council will be held either in person or on discord depending on game mechanics and other factors. 
The County Council will be a place for grievances to be heard and the general day to day running of the county can be undertaken.

County Administrative Titles

(it should be noted that you can be on the council and not have a specific title)
  • Internal affairs/resource Minister

Liaise with the Marshall/Baron to ensure the security of the County, its people and its resources.

  • Foreign Affairs Minister

Assist the count in dealing with affairs of state. Can be sent abroad as Counts representative    

  • Infrastructure Minister

Works to build and maintain necessary county wide infrastructure

  • Marshall

Charged with keeping the peace and upholding the laws outside of any city that has a city watch

  • Chief Tax Collector

Liaise with the Marshall and Charged with collecting the county taxes.

  • Mayors

Will have Autonomy in the running of their towns including making their own decisions on an Internal Police Force
with oversight from the internal affairs minister.


Count Photus

Count Photus is an Australian based player playing on the NA-west server. This may mean an extra level of maturity and autonomy could be required by those assisting in the administration of the county due to the time difference. So if you are from an unusual timezone or just like talking to people with funny accents, Tyrrhen may be the county for you!

Photus is a Founding member of WePlay, a group of friends who occasionally get together for gaming, streaming and mockery sessions. This group includes such famous streamers as Xenon, Keegz and Nate Dog.